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The A to Z containers tanks

ARC is the specialist in the conversion, modification, cleaning and transport of containers. We deal with all kinds of tanks (gas, food, stainless steel...) from the shot-blasting stage to the restoration stage including repairs, cleaning and transport of your tanks. Our team also takes care of container refurbishment, bespoke conversions as well as sale and hire of converted building site containers.


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You need a tank? You are in the right place! ARC supplies a top quality service with high respect to standards.


Tank Transport

Tank cleaning

Food tank transport

Gas tank assembly

Tank repair



Types of containers

Drawing on our expertise and experience of over 40 years, ARC offers a range of services for your food, chemical, steel, stainless steel and gas tank.


Food tank

Stainless steel tank

Steel tank

Tank container

Chemical tank



You’d like to refurbish or convert your container? You need transport for your container? Click on the links to find out about all the services related to all kind of containers.


Container transport

Container conversion

Steel shot-blasting

Le Havre Container

Container office

Dry Container


Refrigerated container

The advantages of the container office

Converted containers: many alternative uses.


Containers converted to meet various needs


Building site containers 

Building site containers can be a key element in the daily running of your building sites.


Building site containers

Why you should convert your building site container


Repair workshop for containers


Container conversion Gallery